Alban Crequy

Alban Crequy

Co-Founder @ Kinvolk

Alban is the Director of Kinvolk Labs & co-founder of Kinvolk. He has a particular interest in integrating BPF into Kubernetes. He’s a maintainer of the gobpf library and has worked on software in the cloud space using BPF with Golang: Weave Scope, Traceleft, Project Calico, and recently Inspektor Gadget and Traceloop.


Accelerating Developer Productivity in Kubernetes with eBPF

For developers, deploying applications as microservices with Kubernetes provides many operational benefits, but also adds complexity when trying to debug their applications. Fortunately, there have been major enhancements to the Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) capabilities in the Linux kernel, and in Kubernetes-aware user-space tooling to leverage them, which together address these challenges to significantly accelerate developer productivity in these new environments. Alban will provide an overview of recent developments in developer productivity tooling leveraging BPF. He will introduce Inspektor Gadget, a “Swiss Army knife” collection of gadgets. These provide real-time visibility and also post-crash diagnosis abilities, leveraging in-kernel hooks for minimal performance overhead. The talk will include plenty of live examples demonstrating how they can be applied to debug real-world problems in minutes.