Jorge Marín

Jorge Marín

Senior Cloud Engineer @ Dyson

Jorge Marín is an engineer passionate about robotics, automation, statistics and mountains. With a degree on Telecommunications Engineering he tried to help drones to navigate indoors where GPS position is not available or inaccurate. Got dragged to "the cloud" afterwards and has been working since then automating the hell of anything he touches. Currently he is taking over Dyson's testing strategy for cloud services and roaming the world as a tech conference speaker.


Dockerdev - A Disposable Remote Development Environment

In the cloud era, why don't we take advantage of the cloud also for developing? Stop relying on your hardware and let somebody else take care of that. This talk materialises the idea of using disposable containers in the cloud as remote development environments. We will analyse the real life experience of setting up individual remote development environments for a whole engineering team based on the cloud using containers, and how it improved the team development workflow and daily chores. Advantages, issues, limitations and more.