Amy Arambulo Negrette

Amy Arambulo Negrette

Cloud Architect @ Trek10

With over ten years industry experience, Amy Arambulo Negrette has built web applications for a variety of industries including Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and NASA Ames Research Center. Currently, she builds serverless solutions at Trek10, a cloud consulting firm. After hours, she is an organizer for Chicago's Write/Speak/Code chapter helping people of under-represented genders become technical speakers. Amy has survived acquisitions, layoffs, and balancing life with two small children.


Best Frenemies: Serverless Containers and FaaS

FaaS is the Compute Heart of Serverless Architecture. It's a great first step to building a truly robust service-based workload and the quickest way to run into obstacles. Is it secure enough? Why do these timeouts keep happening? I need more memory! Could Managed Kubernetes be the answer? This talk will go over the limits of FaaS and what options you have for Serverless Containers.