Meredith Finkelstein

Meredith Finkelstein

Technical Principal @ Contino

Meredith Finkelstein has been a technology innovator for almost two decades working across software, hardware, and devops. She is currently a Technical Principal at Contino. Her claims to fame include working on the first Mars Rover, running the annual Robot Parade in NYC, and building a virtual reality render farm.


No More Mocks! TDD 2.0 with Gitlab-ci and Docker

Everyone talks about TDD, and the importance of unit tests, with occasional lip service to integration testing. In our systems integrated world, where most applications rely on some restful or remote service it is hard to trust old school unit tests that mock these services. With the advent of GitOps and platforms like GitLab-ci we can easily spin up remote services in a docker container and reimagine unit testing. This talk introduces this technique by focusing on a case study which integrates a go application with an ElasticSearch service using GitLab-ci and docker… and No Mocks!