Stéphane Graber

Stéphane Graber

Project leader for LXD @ Canonical

Stéphane Graber is the engineering manager for the LXD team at Canonical Ltd. He is the upstream project leader for LXC and LXD and a frequent speaker and track leader at events related to containers and Linux. In his spare time, Stéphane helps organize a yearly security conference and contest in Montréal, Northsec, where his knowledge of Linux and network infrastructure is used to simulate the most complex of environments for contestants.


LXD - System Containers and VMs Made Easy

LXD is a systems container manager which began its life in 2014. It's based on LXC for its container runtime and is written by the same team. Fast forward to 2020, and it's quite widely used from services like Travis-CI to your everyday Chromebook. It's also grown to support easy clustering for scaling as well as running both system containers and virtual machines. This session will provide a quick overview and demo of its current capabilities and how it can make your life easier.