Anton Evangelatov

Anton Evangelatov

Software Engineer @ Protocol Labs

Anton Evangelatov is a software engineer working at Protocol Labs. He is specialising in p2p protocols and applications and is currently working on the Testground project. Prior to joining Protocol Labs, Anton was working at the Ethereum Foundation. He is an active member of the Ethereum community and in the decentralised finance space.


Testing of p2p Protocols and Applications at Scale

Testground is an open-source project incubated at Protocol Labs. It aims to provide a set of tools for testing p2p protocols and applications (such as libp2p, various DHT implementations, IPFS, Filecoin, etc.) with network sizes of beyond 10k nodes. In this talk we will present the Testground architecture and focus on one of our workload runners integrated with Kubernetes. We will share some of the technical challenges we faced, such as how we implemented control and data planes on Kubernetes, how we tackled distributed coordination between nodes, how we handle traffic shaping in order to simulate real-world scenarios. Last but not least we will talk about the challenges we faced while using Testground within some of the engineering teams in the company and the feedback we received from them.